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Whats Next India??

Actually to start of with neither expected me writing this nor expected India to do as badly as they did in England.Felt India will do relatively well.Expected players like Pujara, Kohli to do well but their performances are miserable rather the whole teams is aweful.At Lord's India looked a champion team out bowling England but since then it looked like an other Indian team is playing.The out come of the series has been disastrous belittling, baffling, humiliating, embarrassing what not everything but losing hope and respect for the team and players.Every thing is done and dusted,series has given Indian cricket a new low overseas,magnified the loop holes of next generation Indian cricketers so,what's next for India ?How do the players take these embarrassing moments?
                                         A team that has been a champion team can not be a bad team over night.So whats that horribly went wrong for India that lead to a dismal performance yet again overseas.We were out played mentally and technically.Surrendering in a session to the opposition talks about our mental state.The major concern is our Indian players were found out technically and lack of application to correct it .They kept on doing the same mistakes over and over again and again and whats more worrying is that these are the best players we have at the moment to play at the highest level.They seemed like players lacking interest to apply themselves.When u look at some of the dismissals of the batsmen  throughout the series u would agree with me.For instance, Pujara kept on being bowled through bat pad gap.This happened because his bat kept coming from the third slip region to meet the ball which made a bat pad gap and given a chance always for the bowlers.Instead if he altered this by bringing it from first slip region and minimised the bat pad gap it would have been a different story.Kohli's foot work hasn't been great, chasing the balls out side off stump harmed him to the coreand the foot moved no where and he even failed to play a proper Kohli cover drive in the whole series.Dhawan actually looked reluctant to leave the balls outside off stump.Gambhir literally danced on the pitch to face the swinging ball.I seriously doubt we have seen the end of Gambhir.By this you can't say these players have become bad.Remember these are the players who have got runs in South Africa and Newzealand against the quality bowlers as good as the English.But the difference has been their application and inability to play swinging ball as I see it.I seriously hope they only get better from here. Another biggest problem for India has been slip catching.They seriously looked out of place.Some thing has to be done.As People say it catches win you matches Jadeja dropping Cook in the first innings of third test is one of the turn arounds for England.
                 When we are seeing an half emptied glass we should remember there is also an other way to see it as half full.Although only few there are some positives to look for in to the future.India's bowling has been relatively good in the series.Swinging Bhuvaneswar,Pacy Aaron looked good.Ishant was exceptional in that second innings of Lord's test.Probably the best he ever bowled.Though Bhavaneswar is the pick of the lot he should try and learn some how to gets wickets with the old ball too.If once the balls loses its shine he is becoming ineffective rather not being the bowler he is with the new ball.Aaron is an exciting prospect and should be guided properly by the think tanks.Indian spin overseas is again a failure.The success of Rahane and Vijay is a big plus.Everyone are talking about the failure of Pujara and Kohli but none about these two.Spare a thought for them guys.Dhoni's revival as a test batsmen is a revolution.He looked resilient and determined.
               As many ex-players say these overseas tours for subcontinent players are like climbing mountains.Surely they are.If you climb them a champagne of new world awaits you, If u fall you are done and out. The English conditions were demanding for any player when you are a sub-continent player they are even more demanding.Here is when application comes in to picture.Yes, surely technique is much more important than anything but even if u compromise to the slightest on technique application helps you.I have a point to back this take the case of Dhoni.He was never a proper technically sound test batsmen like his peers Prior(england), AB Dvelliers (South Africa) to name few.But he applied and adopted to various conditions that made him the most successful keeper Batsmen of India ever(Courtesy:Stats) that is seen even in this series.Also he has been an example by himself to this young Indian team with abundance of Talent that can match any team in the world.Also as he makes a point from his experience on this tour this Indian team has to learn that leaving the balls outside off stump is equally important as getting big runs.Vijay showed you on this tour why it is so.Kept on leaving balls in that zone which eventually allowed the bowlers bowl to his strengths.
                           So,after this debacle as a player you need to introspect and take it from there as how you see it.Players should seriously think of playing county cricket.That only helps them one way, getting better.I know with the busy schedule of Indian Cricket its tough but somehow they should.Witnessing such performances time and again as an Indian fan can't understand what services are being offered by the coach and the think tanks.Only Duncan Fletcher can answer this.Surely a change of thought and approach is needed.I seriously feel this is the best Dhoni can offer as a captain with this young side.And that change of thought is also required on the field.Dhoni should think over giving up test captaincy (with all due respect to his achievements as a test Captain) for the good of Indian cricket.India surely can't get worse than this with a change of mind.And Indian media should stop calling these young players as the next Tendulkars Dravids Laxmans and Gangulys.Let them be themselves first.Time will say who is who.
                                                                                              --  an ardent Indian Cricket Fan
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